Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthday Whine

Turned 23 today and I'm being totally pouty about it. I don't remember my birthday ever falling on Easter weekend before, though it's probably happened. So of course, my party won't be til next weekend and basically no one seems to give a crap that my birthday was today. Poor Erik works nights so he stayed up after work to get Evers up when she woke this morning and went to sleep in time for her first nap. Then she and I woke him up after only a couple hours (oops) and he never got to nap again, but was falling asleep a lot. And my birthday dinner was Chinese food because we didn't have anyone available to watch the baby so we could go out where I wanted to go. And now he's at work. Tomorrow morning we're going to an Easter egg hunt about an hour south and then Sunday is Easter so we'll have two houses to parade Everleigh around in.

And my mom didn't even remember or care enough about my birthday because she went and scheduled a sleepover with the church youth tonight at her house so I couldn't even come and have my birthday dinner like I have since I was a baby. And she didn't call, text, or even Facebook (she always calls) until 6:35pm when she finally sent a quick, "Happy birthday" to me (without punctuation or anything else). And I felt like a total afterthought this year.

On the bright side, I dressed Evers up in a beautiful T-shirt and red skirt that would have been for Valentine's Day except on Valentine's Day I forgot, and she loved the skirt because it had shiny hearts and was poofy. And I'm really excited about my party next Saturday. I'm going all-out nerd and it's Harry Potter themed and I was totally embarrassed, but Erik made me do it cause he knew I wanted it and none of my friends have teased me (except my kid brother, but he doesn't count) at all.

And I know there are a lot worse things going on for other people. Hell, there are worse things in my own life. It just was such a let down. I didn't even get a single present today.

That's enough whining, though. My alarm's going off at 8:30 for that egg hunt and it's already just past one. I really wish we hadn't said yes...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

300 Prompts: [The Prompt Table]

I briefly introduced the concept of Camp Nano in this post. This will be the prompt table I will be working from this April. I apologize if it looks weird due to HTML. It looks great on livejournal and insanejournal with even rows and all, but those are things I just can't make perfect due to blog limitations.

By the way, you hover over any finished, linked prompt, and the original prompt name will appear.

001 Whipped Cream. 002 "Sabeen's Rising" 003 First. 004 Last. 005 "Carl the Cockatoo has a Silly Name"
006 Pirates. 007 Rose. 008 Hide and Seek. 009 Code. 010 Ring.
011 Chocolate. 012 Cookie. 013 Cake. 014 "Those Fools" 015 Ice Cream.
016 Storytime. 017 Hell. 018 Frame. 019 Dust. 020 Erection.
021 Shadows. 022 Sword. 023 New Year. 024 Sunset. 025 Dawn.
026 First Sight. 027 First Kiss. 028 First Date. 029 Beginning. 030 End.
031 Quest. 032 Rainbow. 033 Love. 034 Lust. 035 Travel.
036 Dark Alley. 037 Genetics. 038 Jump Rope. 039 Body. 040 Poker.
041 Money. 042 Poetry. 043 Cigarettes. 044 Arrest. 045 Drown.
046 Dare. 047 Werewolf. 048 Vampire. 049 "Elegant Forest Tour" 050 Valentine.
051 Knife. 052 Ball. 053 Pillow Fight. 054 Disappearance. 055 Law.
056 Horse. 057 Hat. 058 "Moondance" 059 Scream. 060 Kinky.
061 Silk. 062 Priest. 063 Firelight. 064 Map. 065 Toys.
066 Drag. 067 Tattoo. 068 Candlelight. 069 Blindfold. 070 Piercing.
071 Touch. 072 Taste. 073 Smell. 074 Sight. 075 Hearing.
076 Ritual. 077 Computer. 078 Bondage. 079 One Night Stand. 080 Mirror.
081 Dance. 082 "Secret Love Note" 083 "Soldier" 084 Moon. 085 Sun.
086 Stars. 087 Fire. 088 Earth. 089 Water. 090 Air.
091 Exotic. 092 Innocent. 093 Grudge. 094 Evil. 095 Perfect.
096 Promise. 097 Forever. 098 Duel. 099 Reservation. 100 Campfire.

101 Gloves. 102 Woods. 103 Angry. 104 Watching the Clock. 105 Glory.
106 Sleeping In. 107 "Prayers" 108 Claim. 109 Pet. 110 Gift.
111 Winter. 112 Spring. 113 Autumn. 114 Summer. 115 Change.
116 Gold. 117 Silver. 118 White. 119 Black. 120 Red.
121 Green. 122 Blue. 123 Purple. 124 Yellow. 125 Pink.
126 Paint. 127 Blind. 128 Deaf. 129 Mute. 130 Mountains.
131 Work. 132 Alone. 133 Babble. 134 Content. 135 Devious.
136 Hairbrush. 137 Incense. 138 Leather. 139 Eternity. 140 Afterlife.
141 Wish. 142 Storm. 143 Candles. 144 Miracle. 145 Slut.
146 Future. 147 Masturbate. 148 Ecstasy. 149 Chart. 150 Patience.
151 "A New Home" 152 Superpowers. 153 Nightmare. 154 Dream. 155 Accident.
156 Escape. 157 Victim. 158 Oil. 159 Beach. 160 Snowed In.
161 Diamond. 162 Heart. 163 Spade. 164 Club. 165 "Victoria"
166 Sick. 167 Belief. 168 Deception. 169 Teddy Bear. 170 Imagination.
171 Kitten. 172 Christmas. 173 Virgin. 174 Lost. 175 Found.
176 Exploration. 177 Costumes. 178 Puppy. 179 Balance. 180 Energetic.
181 Cranky. 182 Fight. 183 Nature. 184 Exhausted. 185 Embarrassed.
186 Intimidated. 187 Confused. 188 Frustrated. 189 Nostalgic. 190 Hot.
191 Snow. 192 Rain. 193 "Anonymous" 194 Playful. 195 Cold.
196 Sky. 197 "Birdcage" 198 Thankful. 199 Vulnerable. 200 Ghost.

201 Naughty. 202 Need. 203 Justice. 204 Riddle. 205 Flight.
206 Curse. 207 Champagne. 208 Ice Cube. 209 Beans. 210 Jail.
211 Wolf. 212 Hawk. 213 Whiskey. 214 Beer. 215 Wine.
216 Clue. 217 Blackmail. 218 Slow. 219 School. 220 Haunting.
221 Court. 222 Trade. 223 Heartache. 224 Stolen Moments. 225 Betrayal.
226 Spy. 227 Vodka. 228 Imagination. 229 Balloons. 230 Daydream.
231 Sleepover. 232 Book. 233 Lovers. 234 Strangers. 235 Friends.
236 Blood. 237 Burn. 238 Slow. 239 Family. 240 Enemies.
241 "When Your Mother Breaks Your Soul" 242 Murder. 243 Reunited. 244 Fur. 245 Castle.
246 Battle. 247 Picnic. 248 Wedding. 249 "Tomorrow Is So Far Away" 250 Rebellion.
251 Letter. 252 Forgiveness. 253 Gag. 254 Dancing. 255 Kidnap.
256 Surprise. 257 Desert. 258 Suspect. 259 Birth. 260 Death.
261 Choice. 262 Silence. 263 "Pounce and Rip His Clothes Off: A Study" 264 Interest. 265 Discovery.
266 Dinner. 267 Music. 268 Temper. 269 Decisions. 270 Giggly.
271 Skating. 272 Midnight. 273 Fireflies. 274 Pain. 275 Dark.
276 Hours. 277 Days. 278 Weeks. 279 Months. 280 Years.
281 Interrogation. 282 Poison. 283 Adultery. 284 Conspiracy. 285 Youth.
286 "Big" 287 Small. 288 Round. 289 Beaten. 290 Practice.
291 Space. 292 Cemetery. 293 Amused. 294 Razor. 295 Cuddle.
296 Drunk. 297 Greed. 298 Revenge. 299 Research. 300 "Let's Have War"

Now, I would love for anyone to use this, whether for a competition/challenge or just for fun. If you want to bookmark the page or even use the HTML, you can do/get both right here. I recommend using to make it extra fun. I will probably be doing so at many points in this challenge. Wish me luck, everyone!

Fast Food Poisoning and Three Hundred Prompts

So, guys, it's been a while. I really appreciate the kind words I got on that last blog post as well as the words I got off the actual post. I let Erik read it and he was absolutely amazing. Have I pulled myself out of that rut? Well, no, not really, but I'm feeling a lot better most of the time. The house is in great shape and we're doing a good job keeping it that way, too. I applied again for Medicaid and I missed the appointment, but I called them and left a message so maybe I can get back on meds soon. Evers' coverage lapsed and I have to get her back on, so it's not something I can put off this time.

Oh, also, Ev has become more clingy toward me. She wants me now, instead of being a total Daddy's girl. Sometimes, this is not always a blessing after all... haha.

In other news, but slightly related because I mentioned food in that post, I recently got horribly, unbelievably sick after eating at our closest McDonald's and it ruined yet another St. Patrick's Day (two years ago, I was about two weeks shy still of my twenty-first birthday, and last year I was pregnant). Later, I learned that my dad was briefly ill, and I think maybe someone in Erik's family, too, so it probably wasn't the McDonald's, but I still feel a repulsion toward it and I'm super excited to say that for almost two weeks now (since the fifteenth) I haven't had one bite of fast food. I think I've only had soda once (the other day at Costco with my mom) I think, not including the gingerale we bought to settle my stomach and I only drank maybe a liter of that total. I have not craved fast food since and have no desire to return. You should all be super proud of me (and of Erik, especially). Of course, that means we had a lot of Hot Pockets, Pizza Rolls, and Eggo so far, but it's progress! Baby steps!

Moving on to something else. Some of you may know about NaNoWriMo. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month (November) and it's a huge international thing. I participate each year since 09, although I've never "won." Well, there's also sometimes a "Camp NaNo" in the spring or summer. Last year I think it was August it was June, this year it's April. I decided about an hour ago that I'm going to go for it. As I've never done it, I don't know all the details, but I know you sign up and get assigned a cabin if you want and can pick your own word count. I'm going for 25k. I'll up it to 30k depending on where I get through the month.

My plan is not to write a novel, but just to write. I will be using 300 writing prompts I once created while I did play-by-post RPGs. I will write short stories, scenes, and poetry, based off each one and how I interpret it. I will be posting them here, too, to help get motivation and keep myself accountable. Please, keep in mind that these will all be very rough first drafts, there will be typos, and I'm self-conscious. I will put that actual table in a separate post because of the amount of coding and the fact that I will probably need to tweak it because of the blog settings. Also to keep things looking clean.

I appreciate your support!