Monday, April 22, 2013

300 Prompts: [263 Pounce] Pounce and Rip His Clothes Off: A Study

Prompt: Pounce
Characters: None, really
World: None
Rating: PG-13 for suggestions
Word Count: 575
Total Words: 15,144/20,000

300 Prompts: [005 Coffee] Carl the Cockatoo has a Silly Name

Prompt: Coffee
Characters: Sophia Avery, Blake Sherman
World: White Wing
Rating: G to PG, I think.
Word Count: 1,387
Total Words: 14,569/20,000

Some quick notes: The Guardians that are mentioned are implanted computers on everyone's brain, basically, that flash a screen across the eyeball that the person wearing them can see, and finger movements control it. It's crazy tech that I invented and may or may not ever work. That's the beauty of sci-fi. Also, this is set in a future world and is part of a much bigger thing that I'll probably never write. They're experimenting and creating mutants in a lab.

Sophia is modeled a bit after Dr. Brennan from Bones in her social awkwardness, but much, much more shy.

This also has probably one of the most ridiculous working titles of anything I've ever written in my life, by the way.

300 Prompts: [049 Monster] Elegant Forest Tour

Prompt: Monster
Characters: Kotryna Rayn, Fisher Hassan [Jorth], Sheila
World: Black Flames
Rating: PG, I think. I can't think of anything too adult about it, really.
Word Count: 4,054
Total Words: 13,182/20,000

This is the biggest thing I've written for this so far, I think, and it took forever and I got so bored of it. But after a certain point I knew I had to just get it finished. So, here it is!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

300 Prompts: [002 Peaceful] Sabeen's Rising

Prompt: Peaceful
Characters: Sabeen, Margaret, Judith, Emily, Sharita, Jacob
World: Proportion
Rating: PG-13 for suggestions of adult themes.
Word Count: 1,112
Total Words: 12,766/20,000

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Evers' First Steps

Real quick post, guys. Evers had her first steps without our guiding hands. It happened on the 14th and this video was captured on the 15th. It's adorable and she's adorable and you can't see me, which is perfect because I didn't have a bra on, oh and also ignore the pile of stuff in front of the table. Evers went diaper-bag-diving.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

300 Prompts: [197 Freedom] Birdcage

Prompt: Freedom
Characters: None
World: None
Rating: G
Word Count: 70
Total Words: 8,010/20,000

Friday, April 12, 2013

300 Prompts: [300 Good Intentions] Let's Have War

Prompt: Good Intentions
Characters: Victoria Martin, Madelyn Hassan
World: Black Flames
Rating: PG, due to mentions of violence.
Word Count: 1225
Total Words: 7,775/20,000

Read Madelyn's journey chronologically:

A New Home » Soldier » Let's Have War

Thursday, April 11, 2013

300 Prompts: [083 War] Soldier

Prompt: War
Characters: Victoria Martin, Madelyn Hassan
World: Black Flames
Rating: PG, due to mentions of violence.
Word Count: 989
Total Words: 6,550/20,000

Read Madelyn's journey chronologically:

A New Home » Soldier » Let's Have War

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

House Cocktails and Quidditch Pong

Quick post, guys!

First, I'm writing. I didn't do anything yesterday or much Saturday because of party time. I've written less than 300 words so far today, but I'm getting on it. I really wish I could count my huge-ass blog posts on the other blog, though, because one took me hours to write up. I'd be so ahead if I did. And I might, actually... I'll see if Dani and Brooke scold me. Either way, write now I'm working on "Birth," which will be some first person account of the night and day I had Everleigh, to the best of my memory. Some of it will be invented due to lapses. I, like my mom, get foggy when I have intense emotions, good or bad. But it will be my story. It may take a while, though. I may go on to other prompts in the meantime and work at it slowly. So I don't know when I'll next post more fiction.

So also I got the posts up for the Harry Potter cocktails and Quidditch Pong. You should check them out, guys, I'm very proud of them. (Click through the images for each post.)

That is all I needed to say. lol.

Friday, April 5, 2013

300 Prompts: [14 Candy] Those Fools

Prompt: Candy
Characters: None
World: None
Rating: G
Word Count: 95
Total Words: 5,179/20,000

This is awful... lol. I wrote at at nearly 3am and it sucks, but it's words and it meets the prompt, so...
Don't judge me...

300 Prompts: [165 Joker] Victoria

Prompt: Joker. My first thought was, unsurprisingly, a playing card. I got to thinking how the deck is based off a medieval court. Jokers were actually "jesters," court entertainment. After "Safe," I've been thinking a lot about Victoria and who she is and why, so it turned into this.
Characters: Victoria "Yasmine" Martin, Nasser Husni, Samir
World: None
Rating: Hard R, for violence. It gets pretty twisted.
Word Count: 1,684
Total Words: 5,179/20,000

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sneak Peak: Harry Potter Birthday

So I know I've mentioned my birthday party this Saturday. I also know I whined about my birthday and I want to just say that my weekend improved significantly after my crappy day.

Well, I'm going full-on nerd this year and having a Harry Potter themed party. Now, of course, it's going to take some creative thinking to do this right and still entertain a diverse group of adults. I have found a few things to spice it up and keep everyone happy. For one thing, I instructed that everyone wear something themed, be it just a plain red shirt, or full costume. I linked to Pottermore so that people could get Sorted, but also provided links to the hp-lexicon House pages and a quick "these are the colors and this is the mascot" for each house on the FB event page. And I'm pretty sure I know two people that will be clueless and I know which of them will be at fault, but we love them anyway. XD

So, one of the things I'm doing is House cocktails. These were inspired by these amazing creations, however I've ended up, due to budget and ease, inventing my own for all four Houses. I will still be using their Butterbeer, though. I will post each cocktail on here once I finalize them and make pictures for samples.

Now the other thing is Quidditch Pong. You've possibly seen it around on the internet. It has its own crazy rules and everything, but I'm making my own version of this as well. I have not finished building the hoops, but I've begun, with pretty much all of the hard work on the hoops being done by my dad. When I get them all done, including the awesome custom cups I'm making, I will show you what I've got. Now, though, you get a sneak peak! (Mainly because I'm too excited to wait.)

First, a few shots of the first Gryffindor cup. I used gold, silver, bronze, and black Sharpies for each house, on appropriately colored cups. (Do you know how hard it is to find the right colors, though? I Amazoned the green and yellow, and a friend found the right navy blue. Red was easy, obviously.)

Now I have to show you what my dad and I thought up for the hoops.

 Now, basically, those Xs are some badass folding trivets that my dad got as a sample from someone at work, but I think some kind of wooden X or block would work, too. I'll get all into the process when I post a full post about this brilliance. Now, it's sleepy time. I'm fighting a cold that I need to go away by Saturday!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

300 Prompts: [286 Big] Big

Prompt: Big
Characters: Two anonymous friends
World: None
Rating: PG, for insinuations. Yes, it means exactly what you think it means.
Word Count: 42
Total Words: 3,495/20,000

I'm sorry... This is hardly even worth posting. It's Brooke's fault, really, and once it popped into my head, I had to write it. And then I was amused by it so... there you go!

300 Prompts: [151 Safe] A New Home

Prompt: Safe
Characters: Madelyn Hassan, Victoria Martin
World: Black Flames
Rating: PG/PG13, for off-screen violence.
Word Count: 820
Total Words: 3,453/20,000

Read Madelyn's journey chronologically:

A New Home » Soldier » Let's Have War

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

300 Prompts: [107 Awake] Prayers

Prompt: Awake
Characters: Kotryna Rayn, Carl
World: Black Flames
Rating: R, for language and sexual things. No explicit sex.
Word Count: 2,633
Total Words: 2,633/20,000