Wednesday, April 3, 2013

300 Prompts: [286 Big] Big

Prompt: Big
Characters: Two anonymous friends
World: None
Rating: PG, for insinuations. Yes, it means exactly what you think it means.
Word Count: 42
Total Words: 3,495/20,000

I'm sorry... This is hardly even worth posting. It's Brooke's fault, really, and once it popped into my head, I had to write it. And then I was amused by it so... there you go!

“So, uh…?”
“How big?”
“How big is he?”
“Come on!”
“A good size.”
“Not too big, not too small. Longer rather than wider.”
“Compared to-”
“Better. Much better. He was too big. This time it’s… perfect.”
“Told you.”