Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthday Whine

Turned 23 today and I'm being totally pouty about it. I don't remember my birthday ever falling on Easter weekend before, though it's probably happened. So of course, my party won't be til next weekend and basically no one seems to give a crap that my birthday was today. Poor Erik works nights so he stayed up after work to get Evers up when she woke this morning and went to sleep in time for her first nap. Then she and I woke him up after only a couple hours (oops) and he never got to nap again, but was falling asleep a lot. And my birthday dinner was Chinese food because we didn't have anyone available to watch the baby so we could go out where I wanted to go. And now he's at work. Tomorrow morning we're going to an Easter egg hunt about an hour south and then Sunday is Easter so we'll have two houses to parade Everleigh around in.

And my mom didn't even remember or care enough about my birthday because she went and scheduled a sleepover with the church youth tonight at her house so I couldn't even come and have my birthday dinner like I have since I was a baby. And she didn't call, text, or even Facebook (she always calls) until 6:35pm when she finally sent a quick, "Happy birthday" to me (without punctuation or anything else). And I felt like a total afterthought this year.

On the bright side, I dressed Evers up in a beautiful T-shirt and red skirt that would have been for Valentine's Day except on Valentine's Day I forgot, and she loved the skirt because it had shiny hearts and was poofy. And I'm really excited about my party next Saturday. I'm going all-out nerd and it's Harry Potter themed and I was totally embarrassed, but Erik made me do it cause he knew I wanted it and none of my friends have teased me (except my kid brother, but he doesn't count) at all.

And I know there are a lot worse things going on for other people. Hell, there are worse things in my own life. It just was such a let down. I didn't even get a single present today.

That's enough whining, though. My alarm's going off at 8:30 for that egg hunt and it's already just past one. I really wish we hadn't said yes...