Tuesday, April 9, 2013

House Cocktails and Quidditch Pong

Quick post, guys!

First, I'm writing. I didn't do anything yesterday or much Saturday because of party time. I've written less than 300 words so far today, but I'm getting on it. I really wish I could count my huge-ass blog posts on the other blog, though, because one took me hours to write up. I'd be so ahead if I did. And I might, actually... I'll see if Dani and Brooke scold me. Either way, write now I'm working on "Birth," which will be some first person account of the night and day I had Everleigh, to the best of my memory. Some of it will be invented due to lapses. I, like my mom, get foggy when I have intense emotions, good or bad. But it will be my story. It may take a while, though. I may go on to other prompts in the meantime and work at it slowly. So I don't know when I'll next post more fiction.

So also I got the posts up for the Harry Potter cocktails and Quidditch Pong. You should check them out, guys, I'm very proud of them. (Click through the images for each post.)

That is all I needed to say. lol.