Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rise From the Ashes

Hello, no one.

So I know no one's reading this, but I have delusions of grandeur so I'll try to be interesting. It's 1:48 a.m., so I'm officially three weeks post-partum after having my daughter. I had a c-section after a very strange and easy but unproductive twelve-hour labor. Her name is Everleigh Nicole and she was seven pounds, fourteen ounces, and twenty inches long. She got dark brown hair that has now turned medium darkish brown instead and we have no idea where she got it from because Erik and I are both natural blondes. He's got all sorts of strange colors in his beard, though, and my hair got much darker with age, so I guess if her hair doesn't change colors it's not too weird.

And here I am being weird and rambly.

You'll find I tend to do that a lot. Or you would if you existed. And if you existed I would tell you that I weighed myself today and I was 233 pounds. I was 258 when I went in to deliver her, so so far so good, but I've got a ways to go. My happiest weight was around 140 to 150 early last year before I got pregnant. On the bright side, I'm down five pounds just since last Thursday at my two week check up. I'd say that's something to smile about. And then reward myself with a donut for.

Okay, I'll be good. (And if I'm not, you'll never know because you don't exist, and even if you did you'd live in a computer so I could lie and you'd never know. Take that!)

I'm going to try to record my weight loss on here (if I manage any) with stories and numbers and pictures. Even if you don't exist and I'm talking to no one, maybe it'll be good to have a record. However, this won't just be some super boring diet and exercise journal. First off, I don't diet and I don't exercise. I limit the size fry I order at McDonald's (diet) and work retail (exercise). But I want to develop some healthier habits and keep track of them, so we'll see. Second off, that would be super boring, as already mentioned. I will also be sharing my obsession with super cool Pinterest crafts and what happens when/if I try any (I'm currently excited to find my mom's old stash of broken crayons and the canvases I got last year so I can try this) as well as any experiments and adventures in baking. I love baking, even if I'm just baking homemade dog cookies. (Pretty awesome shit according to my five dogs.) It may go against the whole weight loss thing, but I'm not sure I care that much. What's life without cookies?

So, no one, it's been good talking to you, getting this whole thing started. I'll see you in three weeks when I get lazy and stop posting because I forget I have a blog. Or not. Maybe I'll keep up with this one. I hope so. Delusions of grandeur, remember?

PS - I sign off with this image, found on Pinterest. I figured it fit.