Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fussy Baby

I want so bad to be asleep right now. Erik took Ever into the game room and let me have a quiet bedroom last night, but I still didn't sleep solidly. I've only slept solidly twice, when my mom took Ever downstairs and let me have a nap or took her all night so Erik and I could both just sleep. When Erik takes her, I still don't relax. I trust him, but he asks me questions a lot. "Should I do this? Should I do it this way? Should I put the swing on swing mode or vibrate mode?" And I'm as clueless as he is. But he's great when he has her on his own and I've slept better each time. Still, I have bad dreams when he's not in the bed with me, so I think that's a part of it.

Anyway, I got up and it was quarter til ten. He had to leave a little after eleven to be to work by twelve and he won't be home until eight. My mom and brother, my two main helpers (especially my mom, but Jon has been amazing these past few days in particular) when Erik's not home, left this morning for a week-long church camp. Ever started out great for a while, but a little after noon she woke up and about an hour and a half later the fussiness was driving me insane. She kept needing something and I didn't have a clue what it was.

Eventually, I went down because my dad's painting the front door and then installed some new porch lights. Since he's painting, there's a film over the door and he asked me to turn the lights on to test them. As I'm standing there in the foyer - the foyer with hardwood floors - Everleigh suddenly begins to vomit all over me. I have yet to figure out whether vomit or poop bothers me more, but at least the poop isn't usually on me. So the vomit gets all over the floor and I scream and begin swearing and my dad, who can't see in through the film, asks what's wrong. I exclaim that she's puking and it got on the floor. Then more puke comes up and I scream some more and run to basically wrap her in a giant beach towel from the laundry room. I'm covered in it, she's covered in it, the floor's covered in it... Thankfully, my dad came around through the garage and back into the house and cleaned up the floor without a word. I stripped her and cleaned her off, then managed to change. But the baby stayed fussy.

Now I finally got her to sleep in the swing, but she wakes up a lot, especially if its awful music times out and turns off. So I can't take advantage of it and nap because I have to keep turning the music back on for her...

And now she just woke up again...