Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Okay, guys. Baby's napping. Manthing's napping. I'm showered. Gotta run to the store, but I've gotta wake the manthing first so I know he'll hear when the baby wakes up... He's a really sound sleeper. Anyway, before I do all that (aka, my computer's dead so it has to charge in my room and I'm all comfy in my new sherpa blankie on the bed while my hair air dries or something legitimate-sounding like that), I promised you New Year's Resolutions. Here they are!

  1. Return to a size 14 pant or smaller by the next new year. My ultimate goal is a 10 or maybe even an 8. I was between a 10 and 12 jean in Colorado at my record best weight. I am not putting a goal weight on here, even though I have one in the back of my head, because really I want to look good and be healthy more than I want a certain number on the scale. Also, I have a very muscular build and I'm curvy, so weight is harder to go on. Same reason I hate every BMI test I've taken ever. I am starting at a pant size 20W. I don't have a scale at home, but I'm going to get one at the store, so I can't share my weight yet.
  2. Get and use a gym membership regularly (at least two visits per week, do not let a week go by without one visit.) I've gone to the gym before. Great feeling, knowing you're exercising... for a month. That's how long I usually make it on a semi-regular basis. Erik works at Lifetime Fitness, though. I have no excuse not to get a reduced-price membership and use it.
  3. No more soda/High-C/etc. Drive thru/instant style lemonade must be natural and good for you, not the crap they sell at fast food places. Gotta be careful about labels, too. Green tea is great for you. Lipton Green Tea actually isn't.
  4. Cut out excessive junk food (candy, chips, etc.). There's a point to be made here with "excessive." I got to that wonderful size by eating fast food and junk food whenever I pleased - but I pleased very rarely. I did not diet. I did a lot of the "make ten dollars last til Friday" diet, but otherwise, my key was portion control, and I lived a more active lifestyle. I'm not going to beat myself up for eating a handful of potato chips every once in a while. I am going to make it every once in a while.
  5. Cut fast food to no more than once a month. I intend to eventually eliminate it almost entirely. However, seeing as how I had it twice yesterday and will probably have to have it once or twice today (we've been waiting for our property manager to get our broken dishwasher replaced for over a month and I'm literally out of food). I am going to the grocery store, though...
  6. Stop swearing. Fuck... Seriously, though, I have a baby. I used to have a filter, but now I've worn it out and it barely works anymore, only saving me at work most of the time. I need to quit cold turkey in order to stop swearing around her, I think.
  7. Cross two more things off my bucket list. And it doesn't count if I add it the day I do it. Cause I've done that...
  8. Try more foods I say I "don't like." Anyone else ever said that to get out of eating something that doesn't sound particularly appetizing? Anyone else sometimes discovered that it actually tasted good? Like tilapia.
  9. Be properly fitted for a bra. Never done it. And I need it bad.
Anyone else? Seriously, let me hear yours please! I'm tempted to post Erik's later so when I lose the notebook we wrote these on, we'll have a place to come back and look, but I'll get his permission first.