Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Like to Buy Stuff

Saw an ad for this, and then I read some great reviews and I began to salivate... But good God, it's fifty dollars! So I got a hundred dollars from Erik's grandma for Christmas and I was saving it to get my hair done all pro-style, but then I decided I wanted that strap. I'm super excited to give it a shot. It will definitely make the Collierville Craft Fair this summer a lot easier. I have a backpack purse now and I'll have this to keep my hands free and my camera off my neck. Memphis in May is hot, though in this instance I'm referring to the location in the month, not to the many festivals that occur at the same time haha.

Oh, and my dad, who was the first one to get a DSLR, recommended a blog/site called and he is selling a three-hour video tutorial similar to the boot camps he offers I guess throughout the year. It's $67.00, but Erik said I could buy it without using the rest of my birthday money for it. I can't wait to watch it.

And oh my God. You guys don't even know why I care! Prior to this Christmas, all I had was a point-and-shoot. It was good at the time, but did not give me what I actually needed. When my dad got his DSLR, the Nikon D5100, probably a year ago or so, maybe as late as this past spring, I began to steal it whenever I got the chance, but he's super protective so I don't get many good opportunities. A few months ago, at Costco, I convinced my mom to get me a Fujifilm thing that was similar to a DSLR, but didn't have interchangeable lenses. It is supposed to have great video. That alone was over $300. Well, I opened it and was happy, but then I was later presented my "big gift" (which I should not have gotten since I'd already opened an expensive camera) and opened a D5100 of my own. My dad also bought me a 55-300mm lens so I'd have that in addition to the 18-55mm it came with. Those are the two lenses that, for now, are all I'll need. My mom kept the Fujifilm lol.

You see my mom's face? That is the face of a LIAR.
I didn't get a picture with the DSLR as I was holding the camera (that we were using to take the Christmas photos) again. It's hilarious in retrospect. So that is why I'm looking at expensive camera straps and at three-hour-long tutorials. And also why I love my daddy. And why I can still say that at twenty-two with a kid of my own.