Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yearbooks and Savings

Shutterfly has up to 40% off on photo books through the 18th. More specifically it's "Save 40% on 12x12 photo books. Save 25% on 8x8 and 8x11 photo books. Save 15% on 7x9 and 5x7 photo books." Still cool. Also, over 30 bucks gets you free shipping with "SHIP30" and "CARD4U" gets you one free card. I don't know how long those two last. Good to think about, though. I love Shutterfly stuff.

I found a yearbook thing on Pinterest and I'm going to probably use Pinterest to do it. You make a family yearbook of each year of your life as a family. Since Erik and I got together last year, I've thought about doing one with 2011 photos, but I need to get a cord for my external harddrive. I'll probably just wait to start this year, though, since Everleigh was born.

Oh! And I almost forgot. If anyone wants it, I have 25% off promo code specific for one use. I also offered it on Facebook, but no one responded. The last day to use it is Wednesday and I'm not going to end up using it, so comment if you want it.