Sunday, July 1, 2012

Socially Acceptable

Two things tonight:

One, who thinks cubic zirconia (high quality cz, of course) is a perfectly acceptable alternative to real diamonds? I do. I don't like the conflict inherent in diamonds, and I don't like the price whether they're the conflict-free variety or not. I also like pearl or white sapphire, but a nice cz? Why not? I'd wear it. Am I crazy?

I like this one, though I might prefer a plain band:

Two, I totally forgot to say it before, but I weighed myself Friday on my home scale, the scale I got the previous week's weight on, and I was actually only at 234.5. So the WIC scale may be the correct weight, but I only gained one pound. Since the home scale is the one I'll have access to each week, that's what I'm going with. Plus it's a much nicer weight.